2020 P NGC MS70 American Silver Eagle Struck at Philadelphia Emergency Production Early Releases Green Core

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The Importance of 2020 Philadelphia Mint (P) American Silver Eagle MS70 (Emergency Production)

The West Point Mint was forced to close its doors due to the COVID19  Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Mint stepped in and for 1 week it produced the 2020 American Silver Eagles.  The Philadelphia Mint had only 240,000 coin fragments in which to makeup for the shortfall created when the WP Mint closed. This is a very low population which increases its value greatly. 

Why Collect/Invest in American Silver Eagles?

  • Each coin is a work of art in its grace and beauty.
  • The American Silver Eagle bullion coins may be used to fund Individual Retirement Account investments.
  • These silver dollars are a great investment as collectors flock to this rare coin.
  • No collection is complete without 1986, 2020, and 2021 American Silver Eagles.

History of the American Eagle

  • Rich in history, the creation of the Eagles was perhaps the most important development in the coin world.
  • As the official silver bullion coin of the United States, the American Eagle was released by the US Mint on November 24, 1986. In 1985, James Baker, Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration.  He signed the “Liberty Coin Act”. 
  • Since its first release, the iconic design of these beautiful gems is known as the most beloved and most sought-after US Coin ever minted.
  • The Eagles have been minted in all three mints, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point.

American Silver Eagle Design

  • The design of the obverse side was taken from Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half Dollar from 1916-1947. The obverse is inscribed with the year of minting, the word LIBERTY and the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST.
  • The reverse side, designed by John Mercanti, portrays the heraldic eagle behind a shield. The eagle is grasping an olive branch in its right talon and arrows in its left talon.  Above the eagle are thirteen five-pointed stars representing the Thirteen Colonies.  It is inscribed with the phrases the United States of America, 1 oz. FINE SILVER-ONE DOLLAR E PLURIBUS UNUM on the banner that the eagle holds in its beak. 
  • The reverse of the American Silver Eagle will be redesigned in 2021. The anticipation of this monumental event is soaring

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