1986-S PCGS PR70DCAM Rare San Francisco Bridge American Silver Eagle Hand-Signed by John Mercanti

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Why are Hand-Signed Labels sought after by sophisticated collectors? 

Over time, there has been much interest in the autographs of famous figures in the coin world.  Passionate coin collectors take great pleasure in the “hunt” for their treasured autograph signed labels. It is no surprise that certified coin labels quickly became favorites of coin collectors from all over the world. 


In 1974, John Mercanti began his work for the US Mint as an assistant sculptor and engraver. In 1985, a competition was held and the Commission of the Fine Arts selected John Mercanti’s design to grace the reverse side of the inaugural American Eagle.

Why Collect/Invest in American Eagles?

Each coin is a work of art in its grace and beauty. The American Silver Eagle bullion coins may be used to fund Individual Retirement Account investments. These silver dollars are a great investment as collectors flock to this rare coin.

1986 is a KEY YEAR for any collector or investor.

This is your opportunity to own the 1986 inaugural edition of the US Modern Coins which is extremely limited. The 1986 S Eagle is the most iconic coin ever minted.

The inaugural release of the Lady Liberty American Eagle created an overwhelming demand for this coveted 1986 since the US Mint sold out within weeks.

The American Eagle, rich in its history, makes these beautiful gems the most sought-after proof and bullion coins ever minted. In 1985 James Baker, Secretary of the Treasury signed the “Liberty Coin Act” into law during the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

Photos are representative of the quality and beauty of the coin you will receive.