2021 W PCGS MS70 T-2 First Strike American Silver Eagle signed Damstra Designer

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“2021 W PCGS MS70 T-2 First Strike American Silver Eagle signed Damstra Designer” is the new Type-2 silver eagle design hosted by the US Mint, featuring a landing eagle that has replaced the famous John Mercanti’s Heraldic Eagle after almost 35 years. The design was created by a new master designer named Emily Damstra. This particular piece is the first strike and is available with her signature along with being rated MS70 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Making it a true collectible for any enthusiast.

The 2021 W PCGS MS70 T-2 First Strike American Silver Eagle is an ultra-luxury item sought after by collectors due to its sheer beauty and the fact that it has made a mark on history, making its worth in the future unprecedented. The silver sheen and the new eagle design has garnered a lot of attraction, making a true successor to the legendary John Mercanti coin. 

About Emily Damstra: 

Emily Damstra is a freelance artist who is also known as a coin/medal designer and as a science illustrator. She has a Masters in Fine Arts from Michigan University and has designed postage stamps for United Nations Postal Administration and over 40 coins and medals for US Mint as well as for the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). Her design was chosen from among 39 design candidates. Her inspiration comes from nature which is reflected in her marvelous work which will decorate the 2021 Silver Eagle Type 2 PCGS MS70 First Strike for years to come. * The images are a true representation of the beauty of the coin that you will receive. Once in your hand, you’ll be able to truly cherish their artistic beauty.


The outlook of the coin is simply marvelous to behold. The front of the coin still fashions Adolph A. Weinman’s walking liberty that glows in its magnificence on pure silver, which truly brings out its features in a refreshing way comparatively to previous versions. 

Being a “First strike” coin, it symbolizes that this coin is among the earliest coins minted at the time the coin design was approved to be printed by the US Mint. Additionally, it also signifies that the coin was received by PCGS (or a repository approved by PCGS) within one week of the release date of the coin. 

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