Hand-Signed Labels

Hand-Signed Labels featuring John Mercanti, Edmund Moy, Miles Standish, Jim Peed and Others

Why are Hand-Signed Labels sought after by sophisticated collectors? 

Over time, there has been much interest in the autographs of famous figures in the coin world.  Passionate coin collectors take great pleasure in the “hunt” for their treasured autograph signed labels. It is no surprise that certified coin labels quickly became favorites of coin collectors from all over the world.  Of all the autographs in the numismatic world, collectors find John Mercanti signed coins to be the most desirable. 


John Mercanti

In 1974, John Mercanti began his work at the US Mint as an assistant sculptor and engraver. In 1985, an open competition was held by the Commission of the Fine Arts to choose who would design the reverse side of the soon to be released American Silver EaglesJohn Mercanti won the contest and designed the beloved Heraldic Eagle found on the reverse side of the coveted American Silver Eagle.  The majestic design features its wings spread while holding arrows and an olive branch in each talon with the 13 stars.  The text "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "1 OZ. FINE SILVER ~ ONE DOLLAR" appears along the rim. The national motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM" appears on a banner held in the eagle's beak.

Mercanti was appointed as the 12th US Mint Chief Engraver and became the most famous US coin engraver ever. It is no wonder why his autograph is the most desirable one to collect. A Mercanti signed label increases the coins value substantially. While Mercanti lent his signature to both PCGS and NGC grading services. he signed an agreement so that his signature would be exclusively used by NGC in 2015.

Edmund Moy

In 2006, President George W. Bush appointed Edmund C. Moy as the 38 Director of the United States Mint. As the Director of the Mint, Moy was responsible for the production and distribution of various currencies. During Moy’s term, many unique and exciting coins were minted and released. The coins, medals, and programs created an increased interested in the hobby of modern coin collecting. With that in mind, The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, also known as NGC, commissioned Moy to hand sign labels for their certified coins. The Moy Signature Label is a highly desired autograph in the numismatic world. 

Miles Standish

Michael "Miles" Standish is an American businessman, author, rare coin expert, sports memorabilia expert and philanthropist as well as a Senior Grader. He is co-founder of Collectors Universe, PCGS. He currently serves as vice president of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).  Standish’s many contributions to the hobby were recognized in 2011 by US Mint Director Edmund Moy, who presented Standish with the coveted “Director’s Coin for Excellence” medal These rare labels bring value to any coin minted and signed by Edmund Moy. 

Jim Peed

Jim Peed was employed as manager of the graphics group for the U.S. Mint. He won the competition to design the 1986 Vietnam Veterans National Medal. A sketch by Peed modified by Mercanti was used as the design for the $10 Olympic gold eagle of 1984. Both JM and JP initials appear at the lower left, an unusual double signature. You will find 1986 and 2020 American Silver Eagles right here at Best Collectible Coins.