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Welcome to Best Collectible Coins, where avid coin collectors, serious silver investors and lovers of beautiful things all come together and find exactly what they are looking for!

We are your one-stop-shop for all your American Eagle coin needs. We have coins from every year since the US Mint started the program in 1986. Whether you are looking for Bullion Coins, Proof Coins, Burnished Coins or even Reverse Proof Coins, you are very welcome to browse our catalog and you might just see exactly the coin that you need.

Extensive Inventory

Here at Best Collectible Coins, we offer you the largest selection of the finest Gold and Silver American Eagle Proofs and Bullions that you can ever find, and at very reasonable prices. While we have hundreds of coins that you can choose from, we do specialize in a few select classifications of coins from the American Silver Eagle Collection. 

One of these is the 1986 inaugural edition, which was the very first release of the coin and can be very hard to find. We also have the End of WWII Anniversary Coins, valuable pieces that any coin collector would be happy to include in their collection.

The very recently released 2021 coins featuring the new design on the reverse are very much in demand among coin collectors around the world and of course, we won’t be caught without some of these coins for you to choose from.

Hand-Signed Editions

Our selection of 2021 American Eagles is quite comprehensive. It includes both signed and unsigned editions, and you get to choose whose signatures you want on the label.

Having an American Eagle hand signed by master engravers John Mercanti or Michael Gaudioso, or designers Emily Damstra and Adolph Weinman, is simply an opportunity that one must not pass by. In fact, these signatures can be rare to find. That is why we are very pleased to offer you a number of Eagles with these rare signatures that you certainly don’t want to be missing from your collection.

Almost all of our coins have a rating of a perfect 70 on the Sheldon Scale, which marks them as being in superior condition. And to ensure that they remain in pristine condition until they reach your doorstep, our coins are all professionally handled by trained coin experts that always wear white gloves. 

Whether you are a seasoned coin collector or a budding numismatist just starting to take an interest in the hobby, you are very welcome to explore our shop and look around! Our customer support team is always ready to answer your queries and provide any support that you might need.

Why Collect or Invest

  • Ideal for inexperienced investors
  • Silver eagles can be a good inflation hedge.
  • They can be collected as treasures and gifts