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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting Best Collectible Coins, LLC We urge you to please take a moment and read our terms and conditions prior to navigating the pages of our website. This page thoroughly explains all the regulations that you must follow when using the official website of Best Collectible Coins, LLC. BCC reserves the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions in the future and also recognizes their responsibility to inform all visitors, clients, and purchases of such changes.

Website Access

By accessing the BCC website, you indicate your complete agreement with our Terms and Conditions. Your access to the BCC, LLC website is permitted as long as you agree to and comply with all the Terms and Conditions stated on this page. All visitors of this website, including customers, registered users and casual drifters, shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions. Should you find yourself in disagreement with any of the sections of these Terms and Conditions or do not wish to comply with any of its rules, you shall be refused access to the website.

Age Restriction

Only visitors age 18 years and above are allowed to legally access the BCC website. By entering the website, you are declaring that you are of legal age. Best Collectible Coins, LLC shall not be held liable for any issues that arise from age misrepresentation.

Terms of Usage

The usage of this website is reserved for personal purposes only. All content of this website is strictly protected against commercial use, which includes reproduction, distribution, public display and transmission, digital or otherwise.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights of all content found on this website, including products, services and materials, belongs exclusively to Best Collectible Coins. The modification or downloading of content from this website does not warrant a transfer of rights. If you violate any of the terms of usage for this website, your license shall be terminated immediately.


All copyrighted material contained in this website are the property of Best Collectible Coins and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America.


The logo and other official visual representations of the BCC website are the property of Best Collectible Coins and may not be used without express permission unless allowed by relevant trademark laws.

Website Linking

Linking to the BCC website or mirroring our home page, as well as any of the other pages in the website is not allowed without due permission. Should you be granted permission to link to our website, Best Collectible Coins shall not be held responsible for any of the content that is present on your website. In the event of any claims against your website, you agree to free us from any liabilities with regards to these claims. Links to our website are not allowed on websites that are indecent, defamatory or illegal, or that violate or disregard third-party rights of any kind.

Our website may link to third-party websites that are not under the property or control of Best Collectible Coins, but we do not take responsibility for any of the content of these third-party websites. If you follow these links from our website and end up suffering losses or damages of any kind, BCC shall not be held liable for such losses or damages. For your protection, we encourage you to read all the terms and conditions of any website that you visit.

Downloading Content

The BCC website contains certain files that are free for any visitor to download. While we do not prohibit the downloading of these particular files, we shall not be liable if they contain viruses, malware or other detrimental digital content.

Limitation on Liability

Best of Collectible Coins, LLC as well as its partners, affiliates and suppliers, shall not be held liable for orders placed through the BCC online order entry system in case there are substantial, secondary or ancillary damages, including profit loss, data loss, disruption of business, personal injury, privacy loss and other damages that result from the use or misuse of the BCC online order entry system or the website itself. If you do not agree with or approve of the content or the terms and conditions of the website, we suggest that you do not use the website. Best of Collectible Coins, LLC shall not be held liable for content that is not in accordance with your personal standards. BCC shall also not be held liable for backdated or lacking content. BCC shall not be liable for technical or maintenance matters that arise from your use or misuse of the BCC website.


By using this website, you indicate your agreement that you shall be exclusively responsible for any actions that you perform on this website. You further consent to provide vindication and indemnification to Best Collectible Coins, LLC if any damage, losses, claims or expenses arise from your use or misuse of this website.


By using this website, you indicate your complete acceptance of the Privacy Policy of the BBC website.

User Conduct

You do not have permission to revise the contents of the website or to seek access to content not intended for site visitors. You consent to refrain from doing anything that can compromise the website’s security and bring about any kind of damage to the website or its owners. Your acceptance of this agreement also indicates your consent to not use any means to hamper the function of this website, which includes software, robots or any kind of device, digital or otherwise. Your use of this website subjects you to all relevant laws, national and international. You agree that you shall be personally liable for any consequences that may arise from your actions or transactions in this website.

Coin Purchase

Best Collectible Coins, LLC shall not be held liable for the consequences of your coin purchases made through this website. When buying coins from our website, you declare that you fully understand the risks of buying collectible coins. You understand that collectible coins fluctuate in value depending on the current market conditions. You understand that buying coins comes with the risk of being unable to liquidate your purchase at your anticipated price. You agree to take sole responsibility for any consequences that may arise from your decision to purchase coins from our website.

Typographical Inaccuracy

Unintentional errors in the website’s content such as typographical mistakes or incorrect pricing shall not be the responsibility of Best Collectible Coins, LLC. In the event of such errors, BBC reserves the right to retract the order or to rectify the incorrect detail at any time.

Errors in Transaction and Communication

Best Collectible Coins, LLC shall not be held responsible for errors in communication or transaction that might lead to personal injury or financial loss. BCC shall not take responsibility for incorrect data entered in an online transaction, either through human error or technical failures of the website. BBC shall also not be responsible for losses or damages that are the result of incomplete orders or inaccurate processing of the online order system.

Tax or Legality Advice

Best Collectible Coins, LLC is a company that engages primarily in the commercial exchange of collectible coins and as such, it is not our responsibility to provide advice with regards to taxes or legal concerns that have to do with your coin purchase. We suggest that you consult with a legal professional for such concerns.

Disputes and Arbitration

Should there be any disputes between the client and Best Collectible Coins, LLC that direct negotiation cannot resolve, the matter shall be brought to the American Arbitration Association and decided based on the Federal Arbitration Act. Should you wish to pursue a dispute against Best Collectible Coins, LLC, you will have to file your claims within 12 months from the date of the transaction for your claims to be valid.


Best Collectible Coins, LLC reserves the right to terminate your access to the website without prior notice. Effective cessation of your right to visit the website shall take place as soon as the termination is decided,

General Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to anyone who uses or enters into a transaction while within the BCC website. Should there be any portion of these Terms and Conditions that are deemed void by any court of law, it shall have no effect on the other portions of these Terms and Conditions which shall remain in effect.