Why Collect or Invest in American Silver Eagles?

Why Collect or Invest in American Silver Eagles?

The American silver coin is the most in-demand coin in the world. Since it was introduced by the United States Mint in 1986, more than 300 million have been released (as of 2019). There are two main kinds of silver eagle coins – bullion, proof silver, and burnished (uncirculated) silver eagles. These coins are not only a collectors’ item but can also constitute a profitable investment asset, especially for those still learning the rudiments of investing.

Here are a few reasons to collect or invest in silver eagle coins:

Ideal for inexperienced investors

Unlike other investment assets that require a significant understanding of terms like fundamental analysis and technical analysis, among others, you only need basic level knowledge [such as the ability to tell between a real and fake silver eagle coin ] to start investing. There’s also no need to fret over volatility in market prices because silver eagles tend to appreciate with time.

Silver eagles can be a good inflation hedge.

The price of silver may not be as stable as that of gold but being a precious metal, there are limits to which silver can be mined, unlike paper money which can easily be printed (since the paper is more readily available). Hence, silver eagles can help you store value during periods of inflation. At least they offer more stability than cryptocurrencies, stocks, and some other investment assets.

They can be collected as treasures and gifts

These coins have been described as the most beautiful coins in the world. Hence, such beautiful coins from a country that boasts the world’s most influential currency will be an ideal collectors’ item. Moreover, they can also be offered as gifts, not only because of their value but also for their artistic, treasure-like beauty.