2021 S. Africa $1KR NGC MS70 First Day of Issue Hand Signed by Ed Harbuz

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Why “2021 S. Africa $1KR NGC MS70 First Day of Issue Hand Signed by Ed Harbuz”?

The 2021 S. Africa $1KR NGC MS70 First Day of Issue Hand Signed by Ed Harbuz is a unique and highly collectible coin for enthusiasts given its unique and rare nature, minted on 3 July 1967 by the South African Mint and the Rand Refinery. It was minted to help market the South African Gold and its name is a beautiful compendium of the name of the former president of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger, and rand, which is South Africa’s unit of currency.

The OutLook of The Coin: 

A highly desirable coin for Bullion collectors and investors, the gold Krugerrand is sought after by collectors from across the globe and serves as a smart long-term investment. Presently available in 1-Troy ounce silver version.


The coin is hand signed by Ed Harbuz who is the retired director of the South African Mint. The “first day of issue” symbolizes that the coin was acquired one day after the day it was minted. Additionally, it also signifies that the coin was received by NGC (or a repository approved by NGC) within one week of the release date of the coin.

About Coin:

The coin hosts the latest design which features a springbok antelope at the back and on the viewer’s side, the South African Leader Paul Kruger. The coin was initially made of durable gold and copper allow but has been recently remade with silver; .999 fine 1 Troy Ounce Silver to be exact.


The Springbok is a national symbol of S Africa and is displayed along with text outlining the date of issue and the weight and purity - 1 oz fine silver. This particular coin has been hand-signed by the former director of the South African Mint, Ed Harbuz. The NGC MS 70 rating on the Sheldon scale makes it a perfect addition to any collection. It’s rare, it's special, and it’s a smart investment that I long turn can give unprecedented returns.

About NGC:

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or NGC offers certification for the authentication of coins having certified over 47 million coins. This additionally includes determining the coin’s attributes and even its encapsulation in the holders. The NGC certifications help determine the value of a coin and on an annual basis, they release a census report that contains information about the coin issues. Since 1995, NGC has been serving as the official grading service for American Numismatic Association.


The certified grading of the coins is based on the “70 Point Sheldon coin grading scale” with strike designation including:

  • Proof like
  • Deep Cameo
  • Ultra Cameo

The rare the status of a coin (along with features like hand-signed) the better price they can capture.


The American Eagle is not only the most beloved, but also the official silver bullion coin of the United States minted on November 24, 1986. No American bullion collection is complete without this marvelous piece of art.


* The images are a true representation of the beauty of the coin that you will receive. Once in your hand, you’ll be able to truly cherish their artistic beauty.